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With a trajectory of more than 16 years making and organizing home moves; when I started in the sector, I set out to grow and evolve by reaching command posts. After achieving this success in my career, I wanted to take it a step further, and that's why I founded Mudanzas Mundimoving.


This company grew out of the passion with which I do my work and the support of my partners and children. They supported me from the beginning, making me see that my experience and knowledge in house moving, acquired over all these years, could serve to help those people who do not have the time or ability to make a home moving; and who want to have professionals who give them confidence and security.


For this reason, Mudanzas Mundimoving’s team it’s made out of great professionals within the moving sector in Madrid. They are professionals of the home moves that I have been knowing throughout my career, and that as I have stood out for their quality of service, for their treatment to the client and for their care when performing a process as stressful as it is moving home or transferring office.


Our experience has made us see the other side of the moves, in which the client cares about their belongings and personal items. That is why our main mission is the tranquility of our customers, something they appreciate for how they receive their most precious objects, whatever the distance or difficulty of the work.


Mudanzas Mundimoving is a recommended moving company, concerned about the customer and their belongings. We understand the delicacy and urgency with which the moves have to be made. And, above all, we put ourselves in the place of our customers, giving that extra value when it comes to performing an effective and smooth service.


Our company mostly makes moves in Madrid and Guadalajara, but we also make national and international moves. We offer cheap moves without forgetting the quality; which, together with the satisfaction of our customers are our priority.


We also offer a furniture storage service in Madrid and Guadalajara, which the customers could or could not combine with your moving service. We have fully prepared and protected storage rooms, which also have 24-hour surveillance for maximum tranquility.


Mudanzas Mundimoving is a relatively young moving company, but we rank among the best moving companies in Madrid and Guadalajara. You can find verified reviews on our tab at Habitissimo; or follow our work and current affairs on Instagram or Facebook.


Contact us free of charge and without obligation and let us know you to perform the work that best suits your needs. Quick in our answers, quick on your move. Economic moves from one of the best moving companies in Madrid.


"Mudanzas Mundimoving is your trusted company."

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  • ¿El presupuesto es gratuito?
    Si. El presupuesto es totalmente gratuito y no implica ningún compromiso. Nuestros agentes les darán el presupuesto adecuado a sus necesidades y requerimientos.
  • ¿Tengo que montar y desmontar yo mis muebles? ¿Y embalar y desembalar mis enseres?
    Dependiendo de los servicios que quiera contratar. Siempre adaptaremos nuestros servicios a sus necesidades y presupuesto. Contamos con personal altamente cualificado en el montaje/desmontaje de muebles. También ofrecemos otros servicios como el colgar cuadros o fijar lámparas, estanterías, etc.
  • ¿Haceis mudanzas internacionales?¿Y por todo el territorio nacional?
    Si, hacemos mudanzas internacionales y nacionales. Las mudanzas en los países fuera de la UE, algunos de la UE y/o Canarias, tienes costes aduaneros; de los cuales sereis informados debidamente en el momento de la formulación del presupuesto.
  • ¿Contáis con personal cualificado?
    Contamos con personal altamente cualificado, con amplia experiencia en el sector.
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